A story about all the ways we get love wrong,
and why, despite every disappointment,
we keep fighting to get it right.

On Little Wings a book by Regina Sirois
On Little Wings a book by Regina Sirois

On Little Wings is a 432 page young adult novel by Regina Sirois.

ISBN 9780670786060

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I think I found my new favorite book! It's definitely up there with my favorite classics... It's been a long time since a book has touched me this much.

This was a beautifully written book where you care about the characters... I will definitely be reading this book again.

...I loved the author's voice. She wrote beautifully reminding me that the power of words is not limited to classic writers, but it lives within all of us.

The author also has a way with words that made me want to reread and reread and then copy the passages. I even read quite a few out loud to my husband...

Once in a great while you encounter a novel that entices you on the first page and beguiles until the last word. “On Little Wings” by Regina Sirois is such a book.

Beautiful and intelligent. I couldn't put this book down and I highlighted so many passages and descriptions because they were outstanding.

I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style. She creates beautiful, realistic characters that you can relate to and her descriptions brings you right inside the book.

This will definitely be added as one of my favorite books of all time. I could have finished it one day early, but I forced myself to stop because I wanted just one more day, just a few more minutes, of reading.

Throughout the book the author every so sly-fully included lines from classic literature, putting a large focus of the book on the power of words. I loved this aspect of the book...

I started it around 8:00 pm at night and I stayed up till 3:45 AM to finish it. I think I broke my record with this book. (Usually I make myself stop reading around 2:00) but I couldn't put it down.

There are few books that you want to hold onto for the rest of your life. This book is one of them for me... I'm in love with every single character and I wish I could go to their little world and meet them.

This book has a lot of important lessons to teach. A book about family and sisterhood - my very favorite kind of book to read... Never a dull moment & emotions traveling fullspeed ahead...

I have read many, many books in my long life, and this is definitely one of my favorites

The words just flow and surround you with comfort, humor, angst, longing, hope, fear... I can't remember a modern book that has the intelligence and beauty

Now I close my eyes and find myself in the places shes painted for us... and I want more.

a wonderful story about love, in all it's many facets; first love, family love, lasting love, unrequited love, love of self, love of nature

Not only is the story rich, compelling, and beautiful, it is also real. Worth reading and re-reading.

It will make you laugh, become angry at times, and cry. You won't want to miss this one.

I laughed, I fell in love with the writing, and I even cried

The imagery in this book was amazing. You can hear the waves, smell the sea air, and feel the emotion running through the town - the sadness, anger, longing, and eventual peace.

The characters are so believable I was disappointed when I finished the book and they were gone. A beautiful work that kept me reading well into the night.

Imagine the refreshing honesty of Sarah Plain and Tall, but with modern eloquence meshed with laughter that both touches the soul and lightens the heart.

this one has some of my favorite people and the most beautiful words of any book I've ever read. I loved reading it as an adult, and I would have adored it in my youth. This story has it all ..

This is my new favorite. On Little Wings is one of those books that you want to share with everyone

I rarely give book 5 stars, but this one deserved all 5 and more if I could. There was only one thing that I didn't like about this book, and that was that it ended.

Sirois has woven a complex, believable plot skillfully with threads of exceptionally delicious prose.

The author also has a way with words that made me want to reread and reread and then copy the passages.

This story is full of all things beautiful.

... I desperately wanted to read, even when I was supposed to be cleaning ... I love, love, love the characters! They were all very real, with understandable hopes, dreams, frustrations.

"Laughing through tears" is the first thing that comes to mind. This story literally carried me through a roller coaster of emotions ... from which I didn't want to get off.

Be prepared to read this in one sitting because you will not want to put it down!

It is the best book i have read in a long time ... On Little Wings is heartfelt and beautiful.

Wow... I have not been this captivated by a book in so long... This one definitely ranks at the top of my favorites list.

... one of the first emotionally intelligent books that I have read in a long time. It has been a few days since I finished and I still find myself thinking about the story.

I am completely in love with it... I hope all of your books have a LITTLE in them.

This book is refreshing! It is very well written,(and a love story you could let your teenage daughters read)! ... Be prepared to not get a lot done once you start!

I devoured this book in three days. If I had been a little less busy, I'm sure I would have read it in a day, and it's not a short novel! It was THAT good!

On Little Wings--So beautifully written. I had to slow down to enjoy the language that Regina Sirois uses. She is a wordsmith... I have thought of nothing else for days.

On Little Wings has become and will remain my favorite book to read. I pick it up whenever i need to leave my own world with its struggles.

This may have been the most under-discussed, phenomenal contemporary YA novel I've read all year. Heartbreaking and redemptive at once.

I grew up hearing of the beauty of Maine... The reference in On Little Wings to the Maine accent brought memories of my late grandfather rushing to my mind.

From the first pages, I knew this would be a book I would keep on my shelf as a friend to be read again. Not only is the story intriguing, but the way the story is written is such a treat.

Jennifer must do the impossible - bring her mother home. When a family is torn apart by death, two sisters take violently divergent paths and the story of their family appears to end terribly and abruptly. Two decades later Jennifer never dreams that the photo she finds stuck between the pages of a neglected book will tear open a gaping wound to her mother's secret past. Abandoning her comfortable life with her parents and best friend in the wheat fields of Nebraska, Jennifer's quest for a hidden aunt leads her to the untamed coast of Maine where she struggles to understand why her mother lied to her for sixteen years.

Across the grey, rocky cove she meets Nathan Moore, the young, reluctant genius surrounded by women who need him to be brother, father, friend, provider, protector and now, first love. The stories, varied, hilarious, and heartbreaking, unfold to paint a striking mural of the shattered past. As Jennifer seeks to piece together her mother's story, she inadvertently writes one for herself.